About Stoogle
Your Trusted Tech Support!

Based in Whitchurch, the vibrant suberb of Cardiff, Wales, Stoogle is your go-to destination for all your home tech needs. As a new business, we're excited to bring our passion for technology and our expertise to homes and small businesses in the local community and beyond.

We offer a wide range of tech services, from setting up your new TV to troubleshooting your home network.

Advanced Setups

Advanced tech setups, tailored to your media, security, and smart home needs


Real-world examples and customer feedback of how Stoogle can help you with your tech.



At Stoogle, we're your go-to experts for building a robust tech infrastructure that forms the bedrock of your digital journey. Our comprehensive services include:

    Audio Visual

  • TV setup
  • Surround sound setup
  • Multi room & speaker setup
  • Setup smart TV and streaming services


  • IT, computers, printers and accessories setup
  • Home & small business network setup and security
  • Advanced security setup
  • Software updates
  • PC repairs and upgrades
  • WiFi & Mesh setup
  • Cloud and local backups

    Mobile Phone's & Tablets

  • Setup and repair software on mobile phones and tablets
  • Install and configure mobile/tablet apps
  • Troubleshoot issues and offer solutions
  • Offer advice on upgrade options

    Smart Home

  • Alexa, Siri or Google Home
  • Setup smart speakers, lights, switches, motion sensors and other accessories for easier living

    Home security

  • Wired and wireless home security setup
  • Indoor and outdoor CCTV
  • Home Alarm systems


  • Advice on hardware and software needed to accomplish your needs and requests. We will look for the best price vs quality and expectations.

At Stoogle, we're dedicated to setting you up for digital success with reliability, expertise, and utmost care.

Advanced Setups

At Stoogle, we specialise in curating and configuring tailored technological marvels that enrich your spaces. Our more advanced services include:

  • Home media server
  • Pi-Hole or AdGuard Web Security
  • HomeLabs
  • Home assistant
  • Synology home server & backup
  • Virtual machines

We not only set up these tech wonders but also provide expert advice, ensuring you embrace the future with confidence and convenience. Elevate your lifestyle with our exceptional installation and advisory services.

Real World Examples

At Stoogle, we specialise in curating and configuring tailored technological marvels that enrich your spaces. Our comprehensive services encompass:

  • Stoogle installed and set up an alarm system which I can control with my phone and the best part is there were no monthly fee's.
  • Stoogle set up a motion sensor and smart speak for my elderly dad. Now when there is no movement during the day my dad will be promted to confirm he is okay. If there's no response I will be alerted on my phone.


At Stoogle, we understand that every tech job is different, so we offer free online estimates to get a better understanding of your needs and provide you with a fair price. If we need to come to your home to assess the job, we will charge a standard callout fee to cover the cost of travel and time. Once we have a good understanding of the work involved, we will provide you with a final quote. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality tech support at a fair price.

Please note that I am not a handyman or qualified tradesman, so anything that requires specialist services will have an extra cost associated. This includes jobs such as installing new wiring, replacing electrical outlets, and mounting TVs. We can help you to find a local tradesman to complete any jobs that require those services.